This is a Pagan celebration that traditionally needs dark and needs firelight. In our homes it is easier to use candle light, or both if you are lucky enough to have an open fireplace.

The colours to wear and decorate the altar are red and blue.

Red for Brigit symbolizing farrier/blacksmithing, with the great fires and red hot metal. Blue for healer, with red hot metal straight from the fire, the only saving means of staunching blood flow and sterilizing wounds.

The Spring is nearing and the ancestors used to gather the gorse in piles to clear the hillsides ready for a new farming year, the bundles where dragged into great bonfires on the hill sides, then at dusk the one nearest the clan homestead was lit and the flame carry carried from one bonfire to the next.

A great feast was held with dance, song and fun.

Spring is the time of cleansing so make this your house spiritual cleansing.

You will need:

A bowl of full moon water/ rain water/ sea water; and sea salt; a large table candle, one portable candle (take care that is protected from drafts, in a lantern or hurricane glass jar and doesn’t drip wax); and a small candle/tea light for each room in your home.

Start at the top of the house, in the farthest corner, if you have an attic that is used you must include it (no need if it’s shut away and not used). Place within each room a small tea light/candle in a safe position.

Have the feast/meal prepared and on the table, (remember this is your altar also) and have a bowl of water and a bowl of salt; light you large candle (which is on the table/altar) and cast your circle around your home by just standing at your altar and pointing your wand in each direction and greeting the elements.

Saying in turn at each appropriate direction :

I look to the Eastward and salute Air, be with us, around us, encircle my home.*

I look South and salute Fire, repeat*

I look to the West and salute Water *

I look to the North and salute Earth *

Then light your portable candle from your altar candle and if on your own add the salt into the water and stir (so you only have one item in each hand- candle and bowl of salty water) or enlist a helper or two to accompany you. Now walk to the furthest room, light the tea light saying;

“Let the light of Imbolc cleanse and brighten my home; let the healing of Brigit dwell herein.” (you will say this in each room).

Then anoint the room by flicking or sprinkling water into all dark corners.

Do this in each room in turn until you are back at the table/altar, and all the house has been visited.

On completion of the task say:

“Brigit I ask a blessing for all present here today, and …..(then mention those missing etc); with the light of Imbolc we greet the coming Spring, and ask of you, make this year 2010 be a good one.”

Then all enjoy the feast.

Remember to put all the lights out when the feast is over, thank the quarters and open the circle.

Blessings TalogWitch