Do this at noon when the sun is overhead and hot, not a cool cloudy day. You need solitary undisturbed time, a pen and paper, a fire proof dish and matches or a lighter. Wear a hat, or have a parasol if necessary.


Sit and think long and hard about the qualities you’d like within your partner, then take the paper fold it in half then open it again; on the first side in the top quarter write all these positive attributes and virtues, take your time and be honest. Then in the bottom quarter write all the attributes you don’t want them to have. When you have finished turn over the paper and list your own faults and failings in the top; then below list the ways you intent to improve or compensate for these imperfections. You do not have to apologise for them but you must acknowledge them for they are part and parcel of you. When you have eventually finished make the paper into a fan and fan yourself saying:


“Maat, Mother of Truth I sit in the heat of this noonday hour,

And humbly acknowledge your mighty power,

I accept your justice here below,

For well my flaws and faults you know.

You balance all, and all is weighed,

And by our actions we are paid.”


Maat is the Goddess of Justice favoured by the Egyptians, she is the gentle pursuer of truth, by comparison to her many other fearsome counterparts who bring the just vengeance of retribution. So it is to Maat you make this supplication. As you sit quietly alone in the sun close your eyes, and meditate asking for her assistance. Imagine yourself in Egypt at midday, three millennium ago, when the world was a simpler place. You are in the Valley of the Kings, climbing up a pyramid into the eye of the sun and its intense heat to meet Maat herself. You feel humbled at the magnitude of her Sun energy and are fully appreciative of its potentiality. At the very apex you stand, reaching out your hand you post your list into the fire ball. As your list is consumed in flame, the Sun’s fiery ball becomes the smiling female face of Maat, then it is gone.  Slowly you walk back down the pyramid, out of the Valley, and back into the reality of where you are sitting in the warmth.


Now take your fan and put it in the fireproof dish and set it alight. If there already is a fire for cooking nearby you could just walk across and put it into the flames. Watch your intentions turn into the very essence of Maat, her flames of judgement; as she consumes it say:


“Just and benevolent Maat my witness be,

You who govern my future, know also my hopes.

Be kind to me.  As I will so mote it be.”


Now go in truth and enjoy your adventure to find partnership and true love. But remember that in requesting Divine help you have agreed to abide by Maat’s rules of balance; also remember you may be asked to be patient, in which case it’s no good responding like a spoilt child and screaming, “I want it now!”