Here in Wales we have a tradition of calling people by their role and location rather than their name, hence I acquired the title of Talogwitch, the wise woman or seer of Talog. Even in the Dark Ages and 'Burning Times' no witches in Wales were ever put to the flame for it is inherent within Celtic tradition to accept and appreciate the wisdom of  independant and individual crones. The concept of a witch being evil has only existed since Papal indoctrination decided that female wisdom challenged its authority, and thus the  Anglo Saxon word  became devalued from meaning 'woman with her wits about her'.
Any practitioner of the Craft is as good or as bad as the person themselves, and just to reassure you, I work for the light, my calling is to heal and enlighten. My aim is to teach the almost forgotten ancient skills of the 'Old religion' and thus re-empower women, returning the feminine to its proper status. This is not a battle of the genders, nor is it a battle of religions, it is  a return to inner spirituality and ecological compatability that will engender harmony and heal this ailling planet and help the struggling peoples of this world.