To aid peaceful sleep, health and happiness.

You will need:

Thin pink or blue ribbon, drilled piece of jade, drilled amethyst, alphabet beads that spell the child’s name or a metal fob with the name pressed into it.

Choose a clear starry night. Cast Circle, call the quarters, and then call up Kuan Yin:

(Place her image on your altar, or hold her image in your mind- or her likeness in your hands- concentrate- wait until she comes; visualize Her coming to you from out of the ether)

Kuan Yin I call upon you to preside over my ritual here tonight.

Mother of infinite Compassion I call you up, come now and share my circle.”

Wait for Her to arrive, you will need to keep focused upon her image walking towards you……feel Her getting nearer …..

Start assembling the amulet with the Jade saying:

Greetings loving Mother, Kuan Yin, beloved protector of the very young tonight I make an amulet for ………………….the precious baby of ………………………;

this night and every night, let blessed sleep refresh, , happiness reside and health replenish.  

Thread the Amethyst saying

Throughout life may this child enjoy balance in all things,

Bestow blessing of good health, long life and happiness.

 With compassion and love, Kuan Yin,

Watch ever over……………”

Now taking letter name beads thread them also to complete the amulet.

Tie the last knot saying –

*“Gracious Kuan Yin this I respectfully ask of thee

With all the love there is in me

By the power of 3 x 3

As I will so mote it be.


Close circle- place amulet on altar when indoors ready to give/send to the recipient..