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Red Ritual

Posted by Talog Witch on Thursday, August 27, 2009,

'This ritual is to help women meet the challenge of female issues; blood marks us for the Goddess, it rules our lives.'

Wear red, dress your altar in red, red candles etc.

Waning moon, your moonblood time if possible.

Cast circle in your own usual method.

Sit in the centre, look deep into your altar red candle, into the heart of the flame, see it flickering, feel your heart beating, appreciate the energy of life- know what it means to be alive.

Now let your mind drift inwards as though throu...

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Spell for Friendship & Sisterhood

Posted by Talog Witch on Thursday, August 27, 2009,

This spell is to be worked around the kitchen table or similar- have friends present if pos. you could make it an old fashioned tea party. Wear organic clothing, each individual pick their favourite colour of the rainbow, then come dressed in that colour. On the table have a beautiful mixed coloured candle or a cluster of many coloured ones; have a small bowl or basket with moonstones in it, one for each friend; have a plate (or several plates) of cookies, cakes, or something special, it coul...

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Posted by Talog Witch on Tuesday, August 25, 2009,

Spell for PROTECTION of the home and family.


The spell will be worked around the kitchen table or similar- have all family present if pos. and wear loose fitting clean organic clothing., All spells should be crafted within a sacred circle, so cast your circle around the table , start in the EAST, go doesil/clockwise. Remember to place candle when upon the table in a fire proof container, also when burning incense of ‘protection’ (bay, juniper, sandalwood).

You will nee...

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Amulet For Baby

Posted by Talog Witch on Tuesday, August 25, 2009,

To aid peaceful sleep, health and happiness.

You will need:

Thin pink or blue ribbon, drilled piece of jade, drilled amethyst, alphabet beads that spell the child’s name or a metal fob with the name pressed into it.

Choose a clear starry night. Cast Circle, call the quarters, and then call up Kuan Yin:

(Place her image on your altar, or hold her image in your mind- or her likeness in your hands- concentrate- wait until she comes; visualize Her coming to you from out of the ether)


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Celebrate Samhain with Talogwitch in West Wales

3 day Goddess Workshop in comfortable 'farmhouse' accomodation,
all inclusive £390, Payment in full with booking,  via Paypal.

Event Details:
visit our websitew it will give you all the details of the many tours that are on offer; the Samhain workshop break is a 3 day journey of enlightenment that aims to heal and empower you; it will be especiaqlly benificial to those who wish to celebrate their Cronehood, and also healing and helpful to those wishing to say a Farewell to loved ones now 'crossed over'.

Workshops and Goddess Wisdom

Frequently I am asked "Do you run workshops, teach any Goddess Classes?"

Well I am happy to announce that I now do offer classes.

I have teamed up with an old friend from Univerisity, Mary Baker a fellow archaeologist who has for the past 5 years been running a successful tour company called Archaeotours.  Together we have established Esoteric Tours UK and are offering wonderful breaks within the UK for those who seek the Way of the Goddess.

If you are interested in exploring the ancient roots of humanity whilst reclaiming the ancient wisdom of the Earth Mother please take a look at  You won’t be disappointed.

Hope to maybe see you soon.

Blessings Talogwictch 

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