Spell for PROTECTION of the home and family.


The spell will be worked around the kitchen table or similar- have all family present if pos. and wear loose fitting clean organic clothing., All spells should be crafted within a sacred circle, so cast your circle around the table , start in the EAST, go doesil/clockwise. Remember to place candle when upon the table in a fire proof container, also when burning incense of ‘protection’ (bay, juniper, sandalwood).

You will need:

One brown candle (or a white candle with extra brown ribbon to tie a bow around it)

A small strong organic drawstring bag, or a square of material which you can tie with a ribbon to make a bindle.

Length of brown ribbon.

Fire agates (one for each family member and each pet)

HERBS- Oak leaves, and bay leaves.

A small organic (pottery wood or glass) bowl with some earth or dirt from around each of your *home’s doors.


(*Please note if you own more than one property you will have to repeat this spell for each individual property.)

Protection spell:

This spell can be worked at anytime, and any phase of the moon.

Within your circle have all the family sit around the table, ground and centre yourselves- breathe deeply, be one with creation, gaze into the flame of the central candle.

Put the herbs into the organic bowl which already contains the soil/dirt, and scrunch them up into it; then add the agate stones saying each name aloud as each is put in.

Then pass the bowl to each family member and have each cut a lock of their hair, but also cut the lock  several times making it into little snippets of hair; these they put it into the bowl, and each must say:


Even pets fur should be added. Now scrunch and mix it all up and well into the soil/dirt. When mixed up, stuff the tiny bag with it, or tip it into the centre of the fabric and make a bindle, then tie it securely closed.

Thank the spirits for their help as you open the circle, going widdershins /anticlockwise

 Now hang the final assembled charm  by, or over, the main household door.

While on the subject of protection:

MAKE A ‘WITCH BOTTLE, the traditional spell of PROTECTION .

In the empty jar put all things sharp, pins, needles, rusty nails and broken glass; to this add essence of you (hair, nail, snot, blood, saliva, urine) top up to full with urine then screw lid firmly back on.

Now bury it where it will not be disturbed, or hazardous to wildlife.

What does it do-

Any negativity sent to harm you will now no longer have a single solitary focus (just you), and as such will not be able to act, it will be confused, not able to sort you out from amongst all the sharp objects and thus you will be protected.