'This ritual is to help women meet the challenge of female issues; blood marks us for the Goddess, it rules our lives.'

Wear red, dress your altar in red, red candles etc.

Waning moon, your moonblood time if possible.

Cast circle in your own usual method.

Sit in the centre, look deep into your altar red candle, into the heart of the flame, see it flickering, feel your heart beating, appreciate the energy of life- know what it means to be alive.

Now let your mind drift inwards as though through the flame you see inside your body; you have become so small that you are walking into the vast cavern that is you; it is like an enormous wondrous cave. There within the cave is beautiful Mother Earth, and it is evident that she is in charge of it all. She greets you with loving embrace and bids you sit by Her side, then She re-assures you that She will be presiding over whatever happens here,  then She cuddles and rocks you; now you can ask Her questions if you have any, and listen to her answers.  

Then She rises and bids you follow deeper into your inner cavern, where there are hundreds of laughing happy women; very like entering the moonblood area within a Neolithic Cave. You join them and dance with them until you are so tired you fall asleep amongst them upon the furs on the ground. You are content, and can rest assured that the Goddess has the whole of your well being in hand.

You feel yourself rising out of the inner cavern and bursting back into reality, now give thanks and close the circle. All will be well.

She will be watching and organizing!

Try to wear something red each day and say,

I am woman, I am Goddess, and I know the strength of blood.