Hag Stones

August 3, 2009
Most of you are reading this are interested in crystals, rocks and stones and some of you even understand their use as amulets; well here is one for you to start looking out for, whether by the river, or on a beach, wherever there are stones in abundance, 'seek and you shall find'.
 Hag stones are rare holey stones with the hole right through from one side to the other,  gifts from the goddess Gaia, our Earth Mother, to remind us of the divine feminine, and the magic and wonderment of creation. A particularly good place to look for a hag stone is a stoney beach.
During the 'Middle Ages' the Christian church told people that by wearing such a stone they were protected from witche. However the truth has always remained the same- witches since the dawn of time have used these stones as protection from negativity, using them as portable amulets that epitomize the strength and protection of the circle; one element surounding another, in the case of a hag stone earth surrounds air; another natural example is an island, earth surrounded by water, hence islands were sacred places.
It is always best to find your own, so keep those beady eyes peeled; but if you are not able to, then look in my Etsy shop, where there are a few for sale, both as items of jewellery and also on their own.
Happy hunting.

Pagan Appreciation of Gemstone Jewellery

June 6, 2009

Pagan appreciation of jewellery differs from the average because all who follow earth based spirituality have a relationship and appreciation of our planet. Lithics whether precious or just rocks are gifts from Mother earth,. Hence pagan appreciation of gemstones is for their healing virtues rather than vanity; in short we wear our jewellery to heal and enhance, not to follow fashion.

I have always questioned the ‘New Age’ label given to ‘ Crystal healing’ when it was in fact human...

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