Dark Rites And Marble Slabs

September 3, 2009

If the title drew you in ‘hook, line and sinker’, excited you and made your interest rise then I apologize for getting your hopes up, you have read too many books and watched too many films. This is reality, and the truth is far less dramatic.

Yes the scene is one of ritual, and the use of a marble slab would thrill most of us, however a ritual is simply the witch way of creating sacred space and then being in communion with the Goddess and communicating one’s intent, an altar is lovely but not essential.

As a witch the most frequent question I am asked is “Are you a black witch or a white witch?”

This makes me cringe as I do my best not to take offense, for I am well aware none is intended however my hackles raise………..

A gun or knife is only as good as the motivation of the hand that holds it; yet this question is not asked of the police, armed forces, or the medical profession?

It would seem that the ‘church’ has done an incredible job of character assassination over the past millennium, that now the whole world presumes witches to be a risk factor. The word ‘witch’ is Anglo Saxon, and it simply means ‘wise woman’, and back then every village had one, it was an esteemed social position, and she was relied upon her for all manner of help, from guidance as to when to plant crops, to assisting at births and performing the Last Rites. Before Papal influence reached our shores witches were valued members of their communities, intelligent and independent ‘thinking’ females.

Since then much water has passed under the bridge, and at last the world has seen fit to value intelligent , independent free thinking females once again, so isn’t it time peoples attitude towards witches moved into the 21 century and stopped dwelling in the Dark Ages!

So I will answer this million dollar question- black or white?

A witch is as good or bad as the person within; a witch works with the energies of the earth, which are an equal harmonious balance of positive and negative; therefore both energy sources are available and a witch can choose, as can we all, to do right or do wrong!

So my answer is “I work for the light; for the betterment of humanity”

As a witch I follow a code that has been practiced for 30,000 years, the respect and love of Goddess and I work with her ‘light’ energies to help and heal. I am not anti Christ, Jesus was/is (for me) another piece of the vast jigsaw of knowledge that has been gifted to us over the centuries, and he is one of the most recent, only a mere 2,000 years ago. I do not believe in the Devil, he is an addition given to the Christian faith about 1,700 years ago because the Christians felt the need to personify evil thus giving focus to a counterbalance to God; to have good opposing evil, God opposing the Devil.

But please note, by not believing in the ‘devil’ I do not discredit evil, it is most definitely present within the world; however I do not think it has the form of a cloven footed entity running around tempting folk. I perceive the evil of this world to live within the hearts of those who do not daily denounce it; we are all capable of allowing the traits of negativity to take root and grow within us. It is our duty each and every day to affirm our connection with the light and to live accordingly.

Recent conversations from friends and family, who have reported back to me, the views they have heard voiced by their work colleagues and neighbors, causes me much concern for it illustrates the level of total ignorance that still exists within the general public. It would seem that they either refuse to accept that we do exist, and continually think anyone calling themselves a witch is acting, or just a weirdo; or that we are anti-Christian.

Please if you are one of these aforementioned misguided souls and formally ignorant let me assure you most of us seek to help and heal not to harm. Most of us are quite happy to co exist with all other aspects of Divinity, for it is our profound belief that the spiritual journey one makes is a personal experience of growth and knowledge, that each must embrace in their own way.

Blessings Talogwitch


Red Ritual

August 27, 2009

'This ritual is to help women meet the challenge of female issues; blood marks us for the Goddess, it rules our lives.'

Wear red, dress your altar in red, red candles etc.

Waning moon, your moonblood time if possible.

Cast circle in your own usual method.

Sit in the centre, look deep into your altar red candle, into the heart of the flame, see it flickering, feel your heart beating, appreciate the energy of life- know what it means to be alive.

Now let your mind drift inwards as though throu...

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Spell for Friendship & Sisterhood

August 27, 2009

This spell is to be worked around the kitchen table or similar- have friends present if pos. you could make it an old fashioned tea party. Wear organic clothing, each individual pick their favourite colour of the rainbow, then come dressed in that colour. On the table have a beautiful mixed coloured candle or a cluster of many coloured ones; have a small bowl or basket with moonstones in it, one for each friend; have a plate (or several plates) of cookies, cakes, or something special, it coul...

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August 25, 2009

Spell for PROTECTION of the home and family.


The spell will be worked around the kitchen table or similar- have all family present if pos. and wear loose fitting clean organic clothing., All spells should be crafted within a sacred circle, so cast your circle around the table , start in the EAST, go doesil/clockwise. Remember to place candle when upon the table in a fire proof container, also when burning incense of ‘protection’ (bay, juniper, sandalwood).

You will nee...

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Amulet For Baby

August 25, 2009

To aid peaceful sleep, health and happiness.

You will need:

Thin pink or blue ribbon, drilled piece of jade, drilled amethyst, alphabet beads that spell the child’s name or a metal fob with the name pressed into it.

Choose a clear starry night. Cast Circle, call the quarters, and then call up Kuan Yin:

(Place her image on your altar, or hold her image in your mind- or her likeness in your hands- concentrate- wait until she comes; visualize Her coming to you from out of the ether)


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Celebrate Samhain with Talogwitch in West Wales

3 day Goddess Workshop in comfortable 'farmhouse' accomodation,
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Event Details:
visit our websitew www.esoterictoursuk.com it will give you all the details of the many tours that are on offer; the Samhain workshop break is a 3 day journey of enlightenment that aims to heal and empower you; it will be especiaqlly benificial to those who wish to celebrate their Cronehood, and also healing and helpful to those wishing to say a Farewell to loved ones now 'crossed over'.

Workshops and Goddess Wisdom

Frequently I am asked "Do you run workshops, teach any Goddess Classes?"

Well I am happy to announce that I now do offer classes.

I have teamed up with an old friend from Univerisity, Mary Baker a fellow archaeologist who has for the past 5 years been running a successful tour company called Archaeotours.  Together we have established Esoteric Tours UK and are offering wonderful breaks within the UK for those who seek the Way of the Goddess.

If you are interested in exploring the ancient roots of humanity whilst reclaiming the ancient wisdom of the Earth Mother please take a look at www.esoterictoursuk.com  You won’t be disappointed.

Hope to maybe see you soon.

Blessings Talogwictch 

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